A family trip to Cam Thanh Coconut Village, Hoi An


Dubbed as a tourist magnet in Vietnam, Hoian has been understandably a must stop in visitors' bucket list. Be it an adventure tour, sightseeing trip or whatever, Hoian will never get you bored. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy pleasant moments with your family members, a Hoian family tour to Cam Thanh Coconut Village shouldn’t be missed out.

Being a tranquil part of Hoian, Cam Thanh promises of a wondrous land where your family is able to inhale fresh air, hiding from the suffocating atmosphere of city life.

Coconut-infested oasis

Running over a 4-hectare area, Cam Thanh Village is a village on the edge of Hoian, overflowing with shady coconut trees and nipa palm. In the past, the village lent itself to be an unshakeable shelter for locals and soldiers. Such a grand history lurks its shade amid spectacular landscapes. That’s why a visit to the village is much more advantageous when you can get exposed to nature as well as go deeper into the past’s untold stories. Sauntering around on coconut tree-lined alleys, you will be able to give an audience to tourist guides' compelling stories.

Coconut tree leaves in Cam Thanh

Coconut tree leaves for handicraft (Source: Internet)

Surrounded by endless water-flanked palm trees, Cam Thanh is a source place of plentiful woven products made of these iconic plants, such as conical hats, coracles, or house roofs. You’ll be dazzled by a wide range variety of handicrafts, and then don’t forget to leave your Vietnam tours with a piece of a palm-woven conical, a very authentic hat of Vietnamese.

Cooking classes with locals

A day in Cam Thanh Village will drain your energy, watch out! Cam Thanh is pretty good at listening to its visitors. You will not only have care-free moments to get lost in a world of green landscapes but also leave your imprints behind by joining cooking classes offered by local artisans. It’s just like a perfect activity add-on for your family. By joining a cooking class, you’ll get to know how singular Vietnamese cuisine is. Then, you are not simply a visitor but an insider, leaving the village with a bunch of understandings.

Local market in Cam Thanh Village

Local market in Cam Thanh (Source: Internet)

First, local chefs take you to markets to buy fresh produce for cooking and then kick off your delicious feast. Dishes are chosen based on visitor’s preference, for example, vegetarian recipes. You’ll be shown how to make Vietnamese spring rolls, Hoi An rice pancakes, papaya salad. After observing a fascinating instruction, tourists can start working on your own. Be cool to touch authentic Vietnamese ways of life.

Cooking Class in Hoi An

Cooking Class in Cam Thanh (Source: Internet)

Best ways to enjoy the tranquil nipa palm wetland

Taking a basket boat ride or a coracle ride passing through shades of nipa palms is one of the unique experiences that you shouldn't miss out on. Bamboo-crafted boats are a very traditional means of local moving. Make your way to eco farms such as Tuan Lien to enjoy being a local fisherman.

Coracle riding in Cam Thanh

Coracle riding in Cam Thanh (Source: Internet)

On a basket boat, you’ll be amazed by the way locals casting their fishing nets. Then, at the end of a fishing trip, fresh seafood is on plates, crunchy! It is then easy to figure out that Cam Thanh Village is a major seafood source of Hoian. Besides fishing, there are a bunch of things to do in Hoian for those who are keen on learning about Vietnam’s rural life. Herding water buffalos on rice fields with countrymen, getting to know traditional tools of doing farming or heading to locals’ fish sauce- making houses, you’ll feel hesitated to leave this charming land.

Cycle tour to Cam Thanh Village

Cycle tour to Cam Thanh Village (Source: Internet)

Hoian is not all about lantern-decorated streets, riverside French buildings or silk villages but also about green corners where tourists can seize a fair share of fresh air. If eco-tourism is sort of your thing, a Hoian family tour to Cam Thach coconut tree village is a privilege. A cycle tour from Hoian Ancient Town, just about 15 km long, is a very nice way that Vietnamese travel agency could do to take you closer to roadside rural landscapes.




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