Exploring the most wonderful destinations for kids in Hanoi


Hanoi is famous for not only the Hoan Kiem Lake, Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, or the Temple of Literature but also many interesting destinations for children. A Hanoi biking tour around Hanoi to these places will be truly exciting. The followings will introduce you to the most wonderful tourist attractions for children.

1. VINKE, Times City

VINKE- Times-City-helloVietnam

VINKE, Times City

This is an educational area located on the first floor of the shopping mall Vincom Mega Mall Times City at 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. VINKE has hundreds of games and many amusement parks, which is a wonderful choice for children on the holidays and weekends.

Along with the popular games such as ball house, swings for the little kids, VINKE has the career guidance to bring children the experiences with the work of the police, chef, television staff. Besides, some games that require the ingenuity and bravery also attract many children.

Especially, a Hanoi day tour to VINKE cannot miss the Vinpearl Aquarium, which looks as a diverse small ocean with more than 30,000 animals and sea creatures, as well as a number of tropical insects such as poisonous spiders, red centipedes. All these make children feel strange and interesting.

The ticket price in VINKE depended on the day of the week. It is 120,000- 150,000 VND/ticket on the normal days and 170,000- 200,000 VND/ticket on holidays.

2. Royal City


The kid’s playground in Royal City

The amusement park in Royal City is well known as the “underground city” with a lot of exciting games such as indoor water park, ice skating, vocational classes, or experiencing the dream work including police, broadcaster, baker, and so on. After enjoying the games, the parents can feed the children right in the Royal City with many restaurants along with a number of delicious foods.

The opening time is from 9h30 to 22h every day. The price ticket to the amusement parks is 150,000- 200,000 VND per child.

3. TiniWorld


A corner of TiniWorld

A Hanoi tour for children cannot miss tiniWorld. TiniWorld is an indoor playground for children that is highly educational and has a large scale with more than 20 playing areas.

For the girls, the Babie Dream House will attract them at the first sight with the beautiful princess. They will learn how to play and take care of the little dolls. Moreover, TiniWorld has the DIY cooking corner or the preschool area such as the “Toddler Area”. Especially, the sweet buffet will make an impression on the children with many new experiences. The opening time is from 9h to 22h every day. The ticket price is 45,000- 235,000 VND.

4. Ho Tay Water Park


Enjoy Ho Tay Water Park

With a big scale and a number of outside games, Ho Tay Water Park becomes a favorite destination for many family and tourists. It can help you to relax as well as release stress after a long working week or in the summer. Along with the games relating to swimming, water slide, the park also has the amusement park that attracts a lot of children as well as adults. Kinder park is specially designed for the kids from 6- 12years old.

The opening time is 9h-19h from Monday to Friday, 8h30-19h on the weekends. The ticket price is 100,000-120,000 VND for the kid and 120,000-150,000 VND for the adult.

5. Thu Le Park


Watching elephants in Thu Le Park

A Hanoi cycling tour to Thu Le Park is truly a great choice because it is located right in the center of Hanoi. This park has many green trees surrounded by a big lake, which makes you feel more comfortable. Coming to the park, children will have a chance to admire some rare animals such as elephants, lions, crocodiles, tiger, and bears. Additionally, there are many fun games including Ferris, train ride, airplane, etc.

The opening time is from 8h to 18h all day. The ticket price is 10,000 VND for the adult and 5,000 VND for the kid.

6. Kolorado


Kolorado is an ideal playground

Located in the campus of the urban area Ecopark, Kolorado is a must-visit amusement park providing a number of innovative and active games for children. The total area of Kolorado is 1,000 square meters divided into many small areas including mountain climbing, tube climbing, ball house, and so on. The playground is the place where the children can join some folk games such as blind man’s bluff, follow my leader, tug of war, etc.

The above are some wonderful destinations for children that you cannot miss. Hope that with these places, you will have a nice Hanoi biking tour with many memorable experiences.

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