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Fall in love Hoian with your lover


Hoian is not a strange destination for those who are interested in Vietnam tours. This town that seems to be small owns an unexpected magnetism and attracts a lot of tourists every day. Therefore, it is well-known as one of the most romantic places in Vietnam. That’s the reason why a lot of couples choose Hoian for their Vietnam honeymoon tours. Let’s explore the beautiful land with us, you may even believe how beautiful and romantic the town is.

Hoian Ancient Town at night

It will be a defect if you don’t visit Hoian in your Vietnam tours. And it will be a bigger mistake if you don’t contemplate Hoian’s scenery at night. You have not imagined the picturesque scenery yet until you go to Hoian. Since the sunset, an uncountable number of decorative lanterns with various colors are lightened on all of the streets in Hoian. At that time, you may feel that there is nothing romantic than walking under the sparkling light of these lanterns while walking hand in hand with your lovers. Although almost streets in Hoian are crowded at night, you will feel the atmosphere warm because everyone seems to be extremely happy and willing to present you a smile.


Sparkling streets at night in Hoian

You also should go to night market when walking with your lover in Hoian Ancient Town. Many guests have the intention to buy some colorful lanterns on the market as their souvenirs for their friends and family members.


You cannot count how many shops selling lanterns

If you come here on 30st or 14th night each month in the lunar calendar, don’t forget to find the boats and release the colorful lanterns with sparkling candles on the Hoai River. Locals believe that their wishes can be true if they do that.

Coffee Shops

It is undeniable that these coffee shops in Hoian always make you feel peaceful and relaxing whenever you come. The couples can choose any café shop and enjoy their great breakfasts. It is not important that you have to order a cup of coffee in here. Instead of this, you can request a cup of herb tea that can make your mind comfortable.

Coffee -and-tea-in-Hoian-helloVietnam

Coffee and tea in Hoian

Many coffee shops in the ancient town have wonderful views, so the couples can spend time in here and conversing all day. Just sitting down together, taking a sip of the sweet-smelling drink and see people outside small streets are enough for a peaceful morning. You may feel there is no place quiet and beautiful than the town in the morning.

Japanese bridge

If you choose this town for your honeymoon tour, you have to go there, the must-go spot during the Hoian Old Quarter tours. The bridge is an ideal destination for couples. It not only brings its exact meaning of a normal bridge but also carries others deeper meanings. It associates the various cultures in the world, the Japanese Bridge is the combination of Vietnamese-Japanese-Chinese cultures. Many tourists even imagine some love stories for the bridge “A Japanese businessman fell in love with a Chinese girl living in Hoian. However, their families didn’t agree their love relationship. Therefore, each early morning, they always furtively make dating on the bridge and pray the bridge’s God for their love”. The bridge is like the witness for not only the sad love stories but also a lot of beautiful love ones with the happy endings. An uncountable number of couples chose the destination for their wedding photos that store the most valuable moments in their life.


Weeding photo in front of Japanese Bridge

In addition, the bridge is also known as a sacred pagoda. For that reason, every day, many couples and people coming here pray the deity for their love wishes become true.

Shops with traditional careers

One of the most famous things is considered “Hoian’s specialty” is handicraft. Moreover, visiting Hoian Ancient Town, you can catch up with many different forms of handmade products such as to he, handbag, clothes, jewelry, etc.


To he in Hoian

Especially, you should go to a shop and pick up some Hoian’s clothes for yourself. The most famous shop in here is Yaly – a bespoke clothing shop that gains aesthetic appreciation from both foreign and domestic guests. You may think they don’t have enough time to give you the best clothes. However, it is ensured that you will be extremely surprised because of their working speed. The Yaly organization having 200 tailors can bring the clothes making you satisfy in just 24 hours. Moreover, many visitors also feel pleasant thanks to their professional service. In reality, many couples choose the destination to have the wedding dress, specifically, Vietnamese traditional ones. Just staying on Hoian one more day, many people have haute counter outfits just designed for them.


Yaly Couture

Hoian Market

Having a great honeymoon tours is not basically sightseeing trip, you should explore beauty of provincial culture, daily life and cuisine. Therefore, your Hoian couple tours will be perfect if you visit local market and find something interesting. In the local market, you can find almost compulsive things you want to find from the food to the items using in locals’ daily life.


Hoian market

Especially, you have opportunities to eat specialties cooked by the real locals. Whenever I go to a place, I always find the local market of this destination because it is the unique spot you can find anything belonging to this local area. Hoian Market is even recognized as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. That is one of the reasons why it attracts a lot of foreign tourists coming here whenever they go to Hoian.

An Bang Beach

It is chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world by CNN in 2013. There is nowhere suitable for Vietnam honeymoon tour than the marvelous beach in Hoian. Many travellers are allured by its simplicity and pristine beauty. You can immerse in emerald clean water, sunbath or listen to the whispering wind through a row of coconut trees. Furthermore, tourists also have chances to fill toast your stomach with fresh and delicious plates of seafood without too worrying about its price. Visit here and you will release how romantic the beach is and how peaceful the atmosphere is. An Bang beach seems to be designed particularly for people in love.


An Bang Beach

As you can see, Hoian is like a fairytale destination for couples in their Vietnam honeymoon tours. It is a deserved place where you spend your holiday with your lover and keep the most precious moments in your life. I am sure that the destination will never make you disappointed whenever you come. Therefore, why don’t you choose it for your honeymoon tour now and enjoy the real paradise in Vietnam right now?

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