Hoian cooking class, the combination of tourism and cuisine discovery


Travel guide Lonely Planet book has ranked the cookery teaching service in Hoi An in the Top 10 special travel experiences in the world. Just come and explore Hoian cooking class to find the reason for this appropriateness.

The ancient prettiness of Hoian

The ancient prettiness of Hoian

Tour organized by many Western travel agencies for visitors to Asian countries are often associated with unique culinary events, especially diners with country specialties. However, the local cooking classes still are the most attracting for tourists. Whereby, the guests have an opportunity to go to the market to choose ingredients, spices … and then cook. It is a wonderful experience which without cooking guideline book can meet. Among things to do in Hoian, tourers cannot miss a great chance to take part in a Hoian cooking class.

1. The paradise of culinary enthusiasts

The street dishes make tourists cannot be irresistible

The street dishes make tourists cannot be irresistible

Depending on the tour, routes, there are many localities in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An host culinary classes for visitors. But Hoi An is still ranked highest for many reasons: First of all the glamorous setting of the ancient town of Hoi An with cooking classes organized in quiet gardens or in old houses; alongside the unique local specialties which nowhere else have and many kinds of Vietnamese cuisine dishes such as noodles, beef noodle … Trainees are instructed to go to Hoi An market, where the salesman is very friendly and enthusiastic. At here, the trainees can choose the best fresh raw materials to cook. Finally, we cannot ignore the dedication and skill of chefs-teachers. All of them make Hoian more and more famous for cooking classes.

Trainees go to the market

Trainees go to the market and choose vegetables by themselves

2. Where is the place to learn cook?

The cooking classes in Hoi An were held in many places in the old town: The first is Morning Glory Restaurant (106 Nguyen Thai Hoc), where visitors can learn the complete street dishes of Hoi An. Especially, trainees will have an occasion to discover the secret to make famous Vietnamese crepe. Besides, when coming Cau Do Restaurant (in Village 4, Cam Thanh Commune) and Green Bamboo Restaurant (Truong Minh Hung Street, Cam An Ward), visitors are guided to cook dishes by Mrs. Van in the kitchen of herself family. What a homey experience which travelers rarely meet in another tour!

Guests can also register half-day tour Taste of Hoi An (Hoi An flavor – 109 Nguyen Thai Hoc flavor), this class is hosted by Neville Dean, an Australian who has lived in Hoi An with his wife for few year ago. This cooking tour attracts a large number of visitors from Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

3. Cooking teaching programme

Exploring Hoian culinary via cooking classes promises to give unforgettable memories for every tourer. At here, we want to give visitors the schedule for a normal cooking programme of Hoian Beach Resort Cooking Class.

Start your day with exciting activities by boat along De Vong River or bicycle to Hoian Market. Here, the chef will introduce you to know how to choose the best food ingredients. And guide the basic process to make this dish.

Tourists concentrate on performing their dishes

Tourists concentrate on performing their dishes

  • Firstly, the chef will conduct tourists at the reception desk and drives to Hoian ancient town.
  • Visiting Hoian market, with bustling scenery, the vegetables are neatly arranged. The chef will introduce the ingredients that will be used in cooking classes
  • After completing the task in the market, visitors will return to the tourist area by boat and watch the daily activities of fishermen along the Thu Bon River.
  • Finally, enjoying your own lunch is a great way to discover new things in life. Upon completion of the course, visitors will receive a souvenir and a certificate issued by the 4-star hotel chef.

Most of the tourists admitted that they join to Hoian day trips because of curiosity. They are attracted by the ancient beauty of Hoian and the unique of cooking classes. Visitors want to have one time to try cooking and enjoying the Hoian specialty dishes by themselves.


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