Hoian – The best destination for group tours


For a long time, Hoian ancient town is always one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam in general and Quang Nam in particular. It is undeniable that the historical city is a romantic and beautiful place where many tourists, especially Hoian group tours want to visit and come back. It is not difficult for everyone to find tourist spots in your group tours Hoi An. In the article, we want to introduce must-visit places in Hoian when you have the intention to visit the city.

Japanese Bridge

The bridge is estimated as the witness of a combination of three cultures: Japan, China, and Vietnam. Even, the bridge is taken as the symbol of Hoian Ancient town for granted. The bridge was built in the late 16th and the early 17th century. There are two animal sculptures at the end of the bridge, one is a dog, and another one is a monkey. They are representatives for Japanese culture. Especially, there is a temple of the Northern God who is able to control all kinds of weather changes as well as natural calamities. Therefore, visitors on Hoian group tours come here to not only contemplate the spectacular architecture of the bridge but also pray the best things for yourself and their families.

Picturesque-Japanese bridge-helloVietnam

Picturesque Japanese bridge

Moreover, the origin of this bridge is a romantic story that not many people know about it. “A Japanese businessman fell in love with a Chinese girl living in Hoian. However, their families didn’t agree with their love relationship. Therefore, in each early morning, they always furtively make dating on the bridge and pray the bridge’s God for their love.” How charming story of lovers is! That’s the reason why it is also an ideal place for couples taking wedding photos. Many Hoi An tours choose the place to take photos to keep the memorable moments for their tour here.

Hoian Market

Someone says that the local market is the best place where people can find everything belonging to this region. It is similar to Hoian, you can find anything you want and for sure, it is made and used by locals. Moreover, you don’t have to be worried about the price in Hoian market because the market also sells to locals every day. One special thing is specialties made by locals for granted. Although you walk on the streets, you can see many luxurious restaurants where you can also find out these specialties of Hoian in there. However, the chef making the dishes might be not a local. Therefore, whenever I and my Hoian group tours visit Hoian or anywhere, we will search and find out the local market if I want to buy something.


For the first time I visited here, I ordered a bowl of Cao Lau-the most famous specialty in the ancient town. Absolutely, the dish is quite toothsome and makes me remember forever about the trip. On that trip, I even met a friendly seller who introduced to me the dish and told me an interesting story about this ancient town.

In addition, you can find other delicious foods such as cracker, candy for your friends and families’ gifts.

  1. Night Market

When you decide to visit Hoian for about 3 days, it will be better if you join in the night market in here. You will see another face of Hoian thanks to sparkling colorful lanterns hanging across the streets. A lot of tourists feel like walking on the streets in fairy tales.

Many people fall in love with Hoian lanterns, so, the night market is the best place for them to find the lantern they want to buy. In the evening, you can find the colorful light from the lantern, and I am sure that you will be captivated by its beauty for the first time.

There is nothing wonderful than walking on the romantic streets like that with the lover. Hoian is a beautiful town from the early morning to the late night. At each time, the town has its own beauty making people be attracted.

In my trip, I can see some foreign friends and their Hoian group tours who are interested in these glittering lanterns and buy them as lovely gifts for their friends.

Banh mi Phuong

It will be a big mistake if you visit Hoian without eating local specialties in the town. One of the most famous local specialties in Hoian is banh mi that is well-known among both domestic and foreign tourists. If you ask where to buy banh mi in Hoian, locals will answer Banh Mi Phuong (Phan Chau Trinh 2B). A loaf of traditional banh mi includes pork, ham, pate, some slices of cucumber and tomato, a garnish of fresh herb, carrot. You might be surprised because every main ingredient in a banh mi comes from the same animal, pig.

Maybe because of this reason, many foreign tourists call banh mi meat sandwich. In contrast, the tasty taste of this dish is totally different from the Western sandwich.


Banh Mi Phuong is always crowded

The key recipe of Banh Mi Phuong comes from its sauces: one is chili sauce and the other is pork sauce. The sauce in here seems to be a unique one that you cannot find anywhere. That’s the reason why people say Banh Mi Phuong has its own toothsome taste you remember whenever you think about Hoian ancient town.

Although the shop is just small in the center of town, it is always full of customers, especially in the morning. A ration of banh mi provides enough nutrition for you during the morning.

An Bang Beach

An Bang is recognized as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world by CNN in 2013. It is just 3 km north of Cua Dai. Whenever you have chances to come here, you will be attracted by emerald clean water, white sand, and mild weather. You can watch this marvelous natural scenery all day without being tired of looking at it.


An Bang beach with pure water and white sand in sunny weather

There is nothing great than immersing in cool water and feel the heat of summer getaway. Or you can lie on the white sand, sunbathe and listen to the whispering wind. Going to the beach on the sunny days helps you become closer to nature and feel love the surroundings more. Mother Nature seems to be flavor Vietnam when she presents many precious gifts like that. Thanks to the picturesque beach like An Bang, Hoian becomes a more attractive beach with foreign as well as domestic tourists.

Visiting central Vietnam, people often think about Danang, Hue. However, Hoian is also considered as the ideal destination for someone who likes peaceful and ancient space. Visiting Hoian can satisfy you in both physical and mental because of its food, outdoor activities, and scenery. Each factor plays important roles in attracting tourists in Hoian every day. Thanks to the cultural and historical elements remained during many generations here, Hoian has been becoming famous more and more. Therefore, when visiting the town, tourists should also improve their knowledge about it to make the small city keep their precious value forever.

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