Tam Thanh fish sauce


Tam Thanh fish sauce has a long history and is produced entirely by hand. There is no one can remember when and where Tam Thanh fish sauce begins. Throughout the ups and downs, the old people in the village say that, when they were born, they smelt the salty smell of fish sauce.


Tam Thanh fish sauce

Throughout Hoian day tours for family, you will learn that Tam Thanh traditional fish sauce trade village currently has only about 20 small-scale establishments based on the household and traditional production methods. They do not use any preservatives or additives.

Tam Thanh fish sauce is high in natural protein, do not intervene with artificial protein so it is very delicious and safe for health.

As for the feeling when enjoying Tam Thanh fish sauce in Hoian day tours: Salty on tip of the tongue, its smell exhales to the nasal cavity, a bit of hot chili can make us spicy in our canthus, at the same time, fat salty fish and salt spread in the oral cavity. That will be what makes you remember Tam Thanh first in Hoian tours.

Tam Thanh fish sauce has something special, perhaps the fish, salt, soil material for the jar, bamboo material for the basket and traditional fish sauce method in this land makes a difference. Anchovies will be bought at Tam Thanh beach and then brought back to salt.

Recipe for making fish sauce here is separate.

The criterion for making the fish sauce is to choose fish. The fish must be fresh, well, medium in size, not too big, not too small. Then choose salt. Salt must be medium in size, white, clean. The special thing in Tam Thanh fish sauce is that all the steps are made by hand to keep the traditional flavor that is the family heirloom for a long time.

The traditional flavored fish sauce has natural taste refined from the fish, do not use any color or flavor additives.

According to the recipe, every 20 kilograms of fish are marinated with 10kilograms of salt and then put into a large jar. Jars of fish will be fermented from 5 to 8 months, then they are in yellow. But after12 months, it will turn into a very nice red-brown color of cockroach’s wing.


The nice red-brown color of cockroach’s wing of Tam Thanh fish sauce

After one year, the jars will drain water (hydrolysis from the fish intestines). The fish sauce will be extracted from the jar through the bamboo basket, filter, then cooked and bottled as finished products.

Because there is no additives, preservatives, Tam Thanh fish sauce very quickly change to a dark color, but the quality and flavor still remain intact. These day people love the glamor outside, I still love what is natural, love the fish sauce in this Tam Thanh sea … Maybe it is special because it covered the essence of Tam Thanh land.

Tam Thanh fish sauce has become an indispensable spice in the meal of the local. And the taste is more and more popular as the people in the village still retains the same traditional methods of crafts and they are always aware of the transmission to the next generation.


The traditional method of Tam Thanh fish sauce

Moreover, Tam Thanh is one of the attractive destinations for you to explore the hidden beauty of the land of Quang Nam in Hoian group tours. Tam Thanh beach that is full of sunshine and waves, is always a promising destination for visitors during the summer holidays.

About 6 km from Tam Thanh beach, there is Tam Tien beach and  Thanh mountain that are famous for Tam Tien fish market, which is a focal point for supplying seafood to Tam Ky city and the south area of Quang Nam province.


Tam Tien beach


Tam Tien fish market

The market meets in the morning right on the beach. To see the scene of the fish market in the morning and take some beautiful pictures, you should come here from dawn to be able to experience the busy fish market of the sea.

After the hours of travel, let’s return to Tam Thanh beach, you can enjoy fresh seafood. Do not ignore flying fish that’s familiar folk food of Quang Nam. Summer is also the season of flying fish. Fish is marinated lightly right after being caught and then broiled on the charcoal, wrapped with green peppers, salt, and lemongrass. Adding a few cold beers on the windy shore, that’s such a pleasant experience for you to forget the tired days.


Tam Thanh beach

Do not forget to buy Tam Thanh fish sauce as the gift after Hoian day tours.

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