Top 5 coffee shops in Hoian


Located in the coastal area of Central Vietnam, Hoian used to be a major trading port of Asia where traders from different parts of the world gathered and did business.

The town hence holds a cluster of different cultures such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Hoian tailor-made tours are designed to enable travelers to discover the poetic beauty as well as the valuable culture of this land. Besides the nostalgic buildings and unique cuisine, the coffee shops are among the top things that travelers love in Hoian. Let’s explore the 5 most beautiful and warm-hearted coffee spaces in this ancient town.

1. Reaching Out, 131 Tran Phu

Reaching Out is absolutely a must-go cafeteria in Hoian Vietnam. It might not be the most beautiful coffee house in the town, but it is actually the most meaningful one.

Established in 2000, this coffee shop was founded with an aim to give the disabilities the opportunity to acquire important skills as well as to get a good job. The mostly speaking and hearing impaired thus are enable to seamlessly integrate with the communities and to live an independent life.

Reaching Out Tea House

Reaching Out Tea House

Customers will write on a notepad or use the blocks which have words on it like “coffee”, “tea”, “ice”, or “thank you” to communicate with the staff. Reaching Out has various traditional drinks, homemade cakes, cookies, and jams, which are really worth giving a try. More impressively, the coffee shop is decorated like an old Hoian space, with all the furniture of traditional Vietnamese style. 

With a DIY sign inscribed “the beauty of silence” on the front wall, Reaching Out has a quiet (nearly silent) atmosphere where almost no one talks, but whispers to communicate. The tranquil vibe, the enchanting aroma of the tea, and the enthusiastic staff altogether create a wonderful space to spend your time in.

2. Hai Café, 111 Tran Phu & 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc

They say almost everyone taking Hoian tours would visit Hai Café at least once. This shop provides a beautiful and gentle space for visitors to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Hoian while not having to worry much about the price.

Hai Café’s gate on Tran Phu Street

Hai Café’s gate on Tran Phu Street

As a coffee shop based on the architecture of Hoian ancient houses, Hai Café consists of two separate spaces which face two main streets (Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc): one in a large courtyard with high tables and chairs, colorful linen pillows, and trees; and one with a smaller indoor space with a very cool porch. At the heated noon, nothing is better than hiding on this little porch, listening to your favorite music, sitting under the shade of green ivy foliage, leaning on a bamboo chair, and taking a sip of iced fruit juice.

3. The Chef, 166 Tran Phu

This is a relatively brand-new name with those who have got accustomed to the Hoian old one-floor house with red roof tiles. Nevertheless, The Chef is still a worth-visiting destination for Hoian tailor-made tours. Though it is actually a restaurant, The Chef has a rich list of beverage. It is absolutely a wonderful place to enjoy the morning café.

Rooftop of The Chef

Rooftop of The Chef

The second floor, where coffee is served, is nicely decorated with dark wooden walls, and tables and chairs are large enough for customers to both have a drink and comfortably engrossed in books. If you want to read books in the silent space of the ancient town, The Chef might be the ideal choice. Additionally, if you want to watch the flocks of people passing the streets, the seats on the balcony or on the rooftop of this shop are really suitable. The Chef is believed to be the best place to see a slow and ancient Hoian from above.

4. May Concept, 8C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

Located near the Japanese Covered Bridge (Cau Pagoda), May Concept is not only a handicraft shop but also a top coffee shop in Hoian. Visiting this space, guests can not only enjoy coffee but also buy some hand-made souvenirs as gifts.

May Concept

May Concept

The rooms in May Concept feature dark wooden interiors to create a classic and cozy look. There is also a walled yet airy garden for customers to read books and enjoy the tranquil vibe while drinking fragrant and tasty tea or café.

May Concept gets even more attractive thanks to the friendly and enthusiastic staff. Customers are always greeted with smiles and sincere, friendly questions.

There is a live music performance each Friday night. You will be able to settle all your concerns and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere with soft music.

5. Mango Rooms, 111 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Mango Rooms is another should-stop space for Hoian tailor-made tours. Everything in one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Hoian from the walls, pillows, bars, to every set of tables, ceiling fans, cups, and dishes are all covered with bright and cheerful colors. It looks like an incomplete yet harmonious and fun multicolored painting.

Mango Rooms

Mango Rooms

Mango Rooms consists of 2 main rooms designed and decorated in 2 totally different styles: one ancient yet “rebellious” room facing the ancient town giving the feeling of a pure Vietnamese style and one colorful room facing Bach Dang Street along the bank of Hoai River. The room on the side of the river is said to be the better place to feel the beauty of the shop.

Hoian is perhaps one of the places where there are lots of beautiful coffee shops decorated in different styles. Paying a visit to one of these to take a sip of café and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the town is undoubtedly a great choice for your Hoian travel.






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