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What to do in a one-day Phong Nha tour?


Located in Quang Binh Province in the Central, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is a perfect model of karst landscapes with exceptionally underground rivers and marvelous karst caves. The Park possesses magnificent landscapes with evergreen primary forests, jewel-blue streams and river, and majestic limestone grottos. Thanks to its significant geological values, Phong Nha – Ke Bang has been recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Since then, Phong Nha Tour has become a hot trend for travel for both domestic and international tourists who are eager to come to witness the beauty of this wonderland.


The way to Phong Nha Cave

Nowadays, there are several Phong Nha Quang Binh tours available to choose, which would take travelers to different appealing tourist attractions in this Park. The trip can last from only one day to even weeks, depending on your plans and budgets. For those who have only a limited time and budget, a day trip to Phong Nha is the best option for your travel. Let’s see where to go and what to go within one day there.

Conquer Phong Nha Cave

While all attention seems to be paid to the newly discovered Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave, Phong Nha Ke Bang tends to be given less interest. People just want to follow new trends but forget one of the very first caves in this area to be explored and open to tourists. Undoubtedly, the majestic beauty of this cave will make your jaw drop.


Majestic stalactites and stalagmites inside Phong Nha Cave

The million years of natural processes have left Phong Nha with spectacular natural settings of magnificent stalagmites and stalactites, turquoise lakes, stunning sand and rock bars. It consists of 2 main touristic parts: the lower cave and the upper cave. Visiting the lower cave, which Vietnamese people often call “Dong Nuoc” (Water Cave), travelers will go aboard a wooden boat to glide along the Son River to penetrate the cave. A graceful boat glide in the cave will let you see how grand nature is. Additionally, travelers can also walk to contemplate the majestic stalactites of varying poses. Some shape like fairies and Buddha, while some shapes like dragons, lions, or other animals. The cave looks even more magnificent thanks to the lighting systems.

Kayak on Chay River

Chay River and Dark Cave have recently been a haunted destination for Vietnam adventure tour thanks to its fresh and fancy adventurous activities. Here visitors can get involved in different recreational activities like kayak, zip-line, mud bath, etc.


Kayak on Chay River

A kayak tour on the Chay River will enable to admire the peaceful and poetic beauty of the jewel-blue river and the marvelous limestone mountains. Travelers can easily immerse yourselves in the wilderness of nature without having to worry about the bustling city life. Here, there are only you, and the Mother Nature.

Mud bath in Dark Cave

Despite having exploited for tourism, Dark Cave still preserves well its innocent look. Different from other caves, there is no lighting system inside the cave, which makes the cave even more mysterious. Each tourist coming to Dark Cave will be equipped with a torch.


Mud bath inside Dark Cave

Not only can visitors see the exquisite natural creation, they can also take a mud bath in the natural mud lake, which is exceptionally good for your health. You can also swim in the cool blue Thuy Tien and Bong Lai Lake.

Dark Cave can be accessed by kayak or by zip-line.

Zip-line on Chay River

A system of zip-lines has been set up to enable tourists to have adventurous traveling experience in their Phong Nha tour. Here travelers will be able to take a 400 zip-line to observe the wild nature of the mountain and the river from above. The zip-line will end at the Dark Cave, where you can take a cave expedition.



Another shorter zip-line will allow tourists to ride to jump off into the cool turquoise water of Chay River to swim and participate in different fascinating water games. It is also a great place to take quintessential photos.

Thanks to its spectacular scenery, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is undeniably the best place for a Quang Binh tour. Harmonizing with nature here, you will unconsciously forget all the stress and fatigue of life.


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